Condé Nast Headquarters

Tishman fit out the 500,000-square-foot headquarters of the magazine-publishing giant in Times Square. The facility houses offices, a magnificent cafeteria designed by Frank Gehry, computer rooms, auditoriums, meeting spaces, libraries, and a gym. Each office floor includes open-plan space, perimeter offices, and at least one curved-glass privacy wall illuminated from above by fiber-optic lights. The cafeteria is marked by extraordinary finishes in the main and private dining areas and test kitchens for culinary publications. There are two data closets per floor, totaling more than 2,000 square feet. The offices use a total of 15 different ceiling types, including acoustic ceiling tiles, perforated aluminum, steel, wood, acrylic, and sheet rock.

Tishman implemented methods and oversaw the project's recycled-material and waste-management goals. Most products consist of 50% recycled materials, including metal studs, insulation, sheet rock, and vinyl flooring. Construction debris was minimized and reused, salvaged, or recycled wherever possible.

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