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New England Conservatory Selects Tishman as Construction Manager to Restore Historic Landmark Buildings

Façade restoration of four buildings, and new roof on Jordan Hall, will help ensure the Conservatory’s prestigious place in the world’s music scene

BOSTON, February 2009 – The New England Conservatory has selected Tishman Construction Corporation (TCC-MA) as the Construction Manager for the façade restoration of four campus buildings in Boston, one of them Jordan Hall, a National Historic Landmark, and two of them listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The New England Conservatory is the oldest independent school of music in the United States, founded in 1867. Tishman, founded in 1898, is known for successfully managing the complexities of historic restorations, innovative approaches to building, and sustainable-building leadership. Wessling Architects, Inc. of Quincy, Massachusetts is the architect.

The project consists of exterior restorations to four buildings, including:

  • Jordan Hall (290 Huntington Ave.) – This acoustically superb, 1,013-seat hall has been central to the musical life of New England ever since it opened in 1903. Tishman will manage restoration of the limestone, terra cotta and brick façade; complete roof replacement; restoration of wood windows on the primary façades; and replacement of some wood windows with aluminum on the back alley. The design and shop drawings will be reviewed by the Massachusetts Historic Commission to be sure the project is in compliance with the National Historic Landmarks program.
  • 295 Huntington Ave. – Restoration of slate roofs and brownstone and brick façade, and replacement of existing windows. This building is on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • 241 St. Botolph Street – Replacement of existing windows with new aluminum ones, and restoration of the brick façade. This building is on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • 33 Gainsborough Street – Select repairs to the brick façade.

“New England Conservatory, working with our architect and Tishman Construction, will carefully restore these historic façades and replace the roof of Jordan Hall,” said President Tony Woodcock. “These buildings are our most important asset, and we want to safeguard them for the future, thereby ensuring our leading role in the training of musicians from around the world and the concert life of Boston. We chose Tishman because of their excellent track record in the restoration of historic performance spaces.”

“Tishman Construction is proud to be a part of the New England Conservatory’s team and to play a key role in restoring these important buildings,” said Tom Erickson, Senior Vice President of TCC-MA. “We will apply our long history of successfully managing the complexities of urban historic projects.”

Construction Slated to Begin in Spring

Tishman Construction will begin construction in spring 2009. The project is estimated to cost $15 million and will be completed in late fall 2009. Tishman will work to mitigate the project’s impact on the school by completing as much of the project as possible during the summer student break, and phasing the work with New England Conservatory’s planned occupancy of the buildings. Although most of the campus will be vacated, Jordan Hall maintains a schedule of performances during the summer months, which the team will accommodate.

Tishman will also work to minimize the impact of construction-generated dust and noise on New England Conservatory and its neighbors by enclosing scaffolding with protective screens, and utilizing the latest technologies for capturing dust generated by the masonry restoration activities. Tishman will provide scaffolding and sidewalk protection to minimize impact to pedestrians and vehicles while working in a tight urban site.

TCC-MA will also work with the Conservatory to develop a Web link that will help keep the Conservatory’s community informed of progress and important milestones.

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